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A few more pictures of Sardinian countryside that didn't fit into any page category.



A view into the interior mountains from the coastal highway going from Posada to Orosei.



We stopped off the road from Olbia to Sassari to have our picnic breakfast here.



The stream at the bottom of the small valley in the picture above, complete with pedestrian bridge.



The highway bridge crossing the stream.



Another rock covered field on the Codrongianos Plain.



One of the mountain ranges in central Nuoro Province.







Some of the photo pages have Sardinian MIDI music clips attached. This music is used with the generous permission of the composer Mr. Carlo Maccioni of Cagliari, Sardinia.  Carlo has an award-winning web site with pictures and information about his native Sardinia. To access his web site, click anywhere on this note. My thanks to him for allowing me the use of the MIDI clips.