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Our only "condition" on making the second trip to Rome was that we could book a room at the convent guest house we stayed at in 2010.  Located on the loop street that goes around the south side of St. Peter's Square, it is THE place to stay in Rome.  I found out right away it was booked solid for a few years.  I kept the e-mails going though until they had a cancellation in April.  I wired them the reservation money and bought airline tickets.




The entrance on the street to Institute Maria Bambina.  The scaffolding on the left is some cleaning and renovation on part of the colonnade surrounding St. Peter's Square.




The one and only bad feature is this hill to climb.  The convent arranged a car and driver to pick us up at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport and drive us to the door though.  We had the same arrangement on departure.  So I just had to do my daily climbs.





Something to look at on the climb.




Looking back down the hill to the gate from the door.




The set of 3 windows at the upper left open from the hallway in front of our room, providing a good view of St. Peter's Square.




The main entrance door.




The downstairs parlor.




The chapel opening onto the atrium.  We had the sisters' choir providing music at the appropriate times of the day.




The little roof-top garden where I could take my cappuccino and sit and watch the happenings in the square and listen to the bells of St. Peter's.  This picture was taken from a rooftop utility tower that I really shouldn't be on.




The view out of our room window into the atrium.



Some of the adjacent buildings used for housing for the senior sisters.




The view toward the historic center of Rome (east).  The round building right of center is the Castel Sant'Angelo.




Looking north.




The campanile.  I went up the elevated utility platform to take this picture down onto it.




Looking uphill (south).  These buildings connect with ours.  The trees are umbrella pines, ubiquitous throughout Rome.






The view of the basilica and square from my coffee table on the roof.




The rest of the square.  That line of people is the line to pass through the security control point which you see here just to the right of the obelisk.  Once through security, people get to stand in the rest of the line to the left to get in the door of the basilica.  By going up here, I could check on the length of the line before going over to the basilica.