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La Caletta is located just south of Posada and was our shopping place on both trips. Posada is a bit short on commercial retailers but shops abound in La Caletta. From the Fior, we were able to walk the mile or two to do shopping. In our later trip when we stayed at the Donatella, I was quite pleased that Lina had loaned me her car for the duration of our stay. In addition to the increased distance, that year's heat wave precluded the walk.



This is the downtown area during siesta time when traffic is down and a parking place can easily be found on any sidewalk.



This building with shops on the ground floor and apartments above is located at the main intersection of town.



A common sight in much of Italy and La Caletta is not spared: African street merchants who offer a wide range of goods (including real Rolex watches (right!)) and generally annoy the legitimate merchants. These two decided to open up shop right in front of our outside table at our favorite ice cream parlor.






Some of the photo pages have Sardinian MIDI music clips attached. This music is used with the generous permission of the composer Mr. Carlo Maccioni of Cagliari, Sardinia.  Carlo has an award-winning web site with pictures and information about his native Sardinia. To access his web site, click anywhere on this note. My thanks to him for allowing me the use of the MIDI clips.